The Mystery Drinker: Complete 4-Drinker Report

The Mystery Drinker: Complete 4-Drinker Report

So you're the Mystery Drinker? Welcome To The Club.

If you're wondering what all this is about, take the FREE 4-Drinker Test yourself here. We recommend taking the test first before checking out the report for the most accurate results.

So what does it mean to be a Mystery Drinker? What are the characteristics of one and is it better or worse than other types of drinkers? What are the strengths and weaknesses associated with our type? Here's everything you need to know about Mystery Drinkers.


  • This is the hidden 5th type of drinker. It is the type that we know the least about.
  • You could be a mix of all the other types, or could be none of them. You are the Unknown, the Outlier within our test results.
  • From what we've gathered about Mystery Drinkers, most of the time, it is a mixture of social, stress and pleasure that characterises your drinking behaviour.


  • Since it is unclear which group you belong to specifically, it is worth checking out the strengths of the other types to gauge your own.
  • The best scenario is that you are the combination of all the strengths of other types.  


  • The worst scenario is that you possess all the weaknesses of other types.
  • Assuming that you are a mix of all the other types, you would be the most difficult group to have all your needs met.



  • We don't know what to recommend. As you are the least understood type of drinker, it is most likely that you'll be a mix of the others. Click here to check out the other types. (Only Mystery Drinkers get access to this!) 
  • Look for alternatives. As you drink because of multiple reasons, it is difficult to pin-point why you drink. However, if you could find alcohol alternatives that offer a combination of those desired effects, you won't need to drink to achieve the same desired results anymore.
    • (Optional) Whether you're a fan of beer or not,  you can check out IMPOSSIBREW. We make beers that taste and feel good, without alcohol.


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