Buzz Type Drinker Personality

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Introduction - Buzz Type

“Experience is one thing you can't get for nothing.”
― Oscar Wilde

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For those with a Buzz Type Drinker Personality, drinking is about feeling good and have fun.

So what does it mean to be a Buzz Drinker Type? What are the characteristics of one and is it better or worse than other types? What are the strengths and weaknesses associated with this type? Here's everything you need to know.


  • Excitement, experience and feelings of euphoria take priority.
  • Somewhat of a hedonist (nothing wrong with that), a good sensory experience always comes first.
  • Naturally curious, those with a Buzz Type Drinker Personality are the most open to trying new things, if they show promise to provide a better experience.


  • Experience-Led. There is often nothing more important to than a good experience to those with a Buzz Type Drinker Personality. Highly aware and attuned to their senses, they tend to appreciate tiny details that optimise their experience. Their main motivations when enjoying a drink is to feel the euphoric sensations associated with it.
  • Naturally Curious. Among all the other Drinker Personality Types, they are the most open new experiences. With a desire to dare the unknown, they are mavericks, contrarians and independent thinkers.


  • Easily Misunderstood. While wanting to have a good time, they tend to focus on the benefits and positives of each experience. This often causes people to misunderstand them as those who drink only for the buzz, but that is often far from the truth. They prioritise feel-good experiences that are thrilling and exciting, the source of that excitement is less relevant.
  • "Just one drink" is rarely just one. For those with a Buzz Type Drinker Personality, when they say "I'll just go for one drink", it tends to be more than one. Wanting a more intense sensory experience, it can rarely be achieved with only a few drinks. While they fully understand the consequence that will come the next day, the pleasure of the moment can sometimes take priority. 



Alternative Ways To Enjoy A Buzz:

  • Natural Remedies & Supplements. Though they can never reach the same intensity as alcohol and won't intoxicate you, there are a range of natural herbs used by our ancestors that will promotes a 'buzz'. These are often referred to as Nootropics (Substances that have a positive impact to the mind).
    • Caffeine. While this isn't exactly an alcohol-like buzz, it is the most common type of Nootropic we consume. It stimulates the mind and energises you, most frequently through coffees and teas.
    • L-Theanine. This is one of the most powerful naturally relaxing ingredients. Found in Green Tea, it is responsible for providing a potent and calming sensation by working with the GABA receptor in the brain, the same one that works with alcohol. You'll need a higher quantity than in tea (more than 10-20x cups without the caffeine) to achieve the desired soothing effect.
    • 5-HTP. If you've heard of Serotonin, the famous 'happy hormone' of the brain, then you'll need to know about 5-HTP. Naturally found in Griffonia Seed, it is the precursor of Serotonin. By working with this 'happy hormone' in the brain in a similar way as alcohol, you can safely, and naturally get an uplifting buzz of euphoria. 
  • Meditate. Meditation is often referred to as working out for your mind. Even just taking a minute or two out of your day for a deep breath, the benefits will compound. 
  • Avoid drinking just for the buzzWhile alcohol can temporary give you a buzz that most things can't, using it exclusively for that purpose can be detrimental in the long run. Some people enjoy drinking alcohol-free alternatives to mimic the taste of that experience. 
    • Enhanced Alternatives. An upgrade you can go for are Enhanced Beers, these are non-alcoholic beers that are brewed with naturally relaxing botanicals for a soothing buzz - so you can enjoy all you like about your favourite drink, without the consequences.


    What if you can still drink and enjoy a buzz, without consequences?