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Introduction - Sleep Type

“Sleep is the single most effective thing we can do to reset our brain and body health each day -- Mother Nature's best effort yet at contra-death.”
Matthew Walker

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For those with a Sleep Type Drinker Personality, they enjoy an occasional drink often for the sleep-inducing effects of booze.

So what does it mean to be a Sleep Drinker Type? What are the characteristics of one and is it better or worse than other types? What are the strengths and weaknesses associated with this type? Here's everything you need to know.


  • Rest and rejuvenation takes priority.
  • While amping up and working hard during the day is no struggle for them, tuning it down in the evening hours can often be challenging.
  • As drinking tends to be linked with falling asleep at home for those with a Sleep Type Drinker Personality, they may also find themselves wanting to get some rest early when going out with friends.
  • They may often have difficulty either with falling asleep, or staying asleep.


  • Prioritises functionality. Since having a drink tends to be a tool to help with sleep, if something else provides both a similar benefit and experience, they won't have problems switching.
  • High-achievers. By focusing on rest and recovery, they are the typical 'work-hard-play-hard' types, often with roles in high functioning positions in the day. 


  • Drink/Sleep association. With the powerful sleep-inducing effects of drinking, coupled with with highly demanding lifestyle of those with a Sleep Type Drinker Personality, it can often be too easy to create a strong mental association. 
  • Difficulty staying asleep. Most of us assume that drinking helps you sleep, that's not wrong. However, while it can make you fall asleep quicker, the challenge often lies with staying asleep, as alcohol disrupts the most vital segment of rest - REM Sleep (Rapid Eye Movement Sleep).
  • They rarely dream. Dreams are one of the most underrated benefits that come with restful sleep. It consolidates memories and boosts creativity. This is a much lesser known effect of alcohol/sleep. With the disruption of REM sleep, which is where most dreams take place, those with a Sleep Type Drinker Personality don't often dream deeply, or at all.


Alternatives Ways to Promote Sleep:

  • Try to drink less alcohol before bed. Even though you may think that you're fall asleep quicker by drinking more, it is detrimental to staying asleep.
  • Sleep at regular times. Keep regular sleeping hours is one of the most important things you can do. This helps the brain and your internal body clock get used to a set routine. 
  • Exercise in the afternoon. While you shouldn't exercise right before bed as it will raise your heart rate too much, 30+ minutes of cardio, yoga, stretching or weight training in the late afternoons will prompt your body to go into recovery mode when it's time to snooze.
  • Make sure you wind down. Winding down is a critical stage for making sure that both your body and mind are ready to rest. 
    • A warm bath. This will help your body reach the ideal temperature for rest.
    • Writing 'to-dos' for tomorrow. This will help you clear your mind for the next day.
    • No screens. Avoid using your phone or other electronic devices that emit blue light which has a negative effect on sleep.
    • Herbal remedies/Supplements. Relaxing Teas like Chamomile, or supplements like 5-HTP (from Griffonia Seed) will help with sustained sleep. Avoid caffeine in the late afternoons.


What if you can still drink and unwind, without impacting your sleep?