Social Type Drinker Personality

The Social Drinker: Complete 4-Drinker Report

Introduction - Social Type

“Human beings are social animals, we were social before we were human.”
― Peter Singer

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For those with a Social Type Drinker Personality, they enjoy an occasional drink not necessarily for the effects of booze, but for the social connection & conversation that comes with it.

So what does it mean to be a Social Drinker Type? What are the characteristics of one and is it better or worse than other types? What are the strengths and weaknesses associated with this type? Here's everything you need to know.



  • Building friendships and relationships with others takes priority.
  • They live for, and tend find themselves in great, stimulating conversations that other Drinker Types often miss out on. 
  • Although having a drink sometimes helps and facilities as a social enhancer, it often isn't necessary for these social butterflies. 


  • Highly Adaptive. Since having a drink tends to be a tool to facilitate social interactions, having a drink' isn't about the alcohol, it often is just a means to an end - even as far as just a 'social prop'. With the ability to adapt to most social situations, they are masters at identifying the overall mood and context of any event.
  • Relationship Curator. By focusing on human connection, they are able to build and sustain deep relationships with others - making them one of the best Drinker Personality Types to get along with. 
  • Empathetic. Highly attune to the feelings of others, they often place the needs of others above their own. They will go the extra mile to make the other person feel comfortable. 


  • Context-driven. Highly adaptive and attune to changes in their environment, how much they drink is often linked directly with the atmosphere they find themselves in. Depending on the mood of the event, they may drink more or less than usual. 
  • Overvaluing the opinions of others. While this does not apply to every subset of those with a Social Type Drinker Personality, those who do, often drink to 'fit in' and try to not look out of place. Although they build great relationships and tend to be well-liked, they may sometime value too highly the validation of others. 
  • Anxiety-prone. Again, this doesn't apply to everyone, but for those who do, the effects of social anxiety can be felt more acutely with this Personality Type. The desire to build better relationships may lead some to associate having a drink to a calmer, more relaxed feeling. While this helps with socialising, the mental association built up can become detrimental. 



  • Keep a mental tab on how much you're drinking in social events. Even though you may think that it helps with socialising, going overboard will do more harm than good.
  • Use a Social Prop. In events where you don't really want to drink, try having non-alcoholic options that look and taste the part. 
    • Enhanced Alternatives. An upgrade you can go for are Enhanced Beers, these are non-alcoholic beers that are brewed with naturally relaxing botanicals for a soothing buzz - so you can enjoy all you like about your favourite drink, without the consequences.
  • Focus on yourself. For those with a Social Type Drinker Personality, they are highly empathetic and often places the needs of others above their own. At times when you don't want to drink, but your friends want you to, it's time to focus on yourself and do what's best for you. 


    What if you can still drink and unwind, without consequences?