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Gave 5 stars not to hurt rating

I am I the USA, I want to order, but I cannot. 😭

Andrew Coombes
Worth a try

I like the pale. It does not taste quite the same but if you are cutting down on alcohol it's a tasty way to do it. And I did get the mild hit from it, so definitely helps not miss that. For me, the lager was tasteless but I am not really a lager drinker. Worth a try. Side note, the delivery on second batch was very slow which was a bit annoying but I am hoping
out was a one off.

Tim Bradley
Not bad

Pale ale very good for a non alcohol but the lager is a bit tasteless. Not experienced any of the nootropic effects yet. Would buy the pale ale again.

Samuel Evans
Gamechanger for the weekdays

Really surprised at how relaxed these make you feel, almost like you've had 1 *maybe* 2 drinks. Could the flavour be better? Sure but the pale does taste nice. Now I've switched to having a couple of these after work during the week, and 27 calories a can is great.

Great compromise

Definitely had impact on relaxation which is a massive plus. Husband would love more depth of taste in the IPA - but likes the lager which he wouldn’t normally go for! Will be buying more.